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    We all have our own stories of a time in our life that was powerful enough to imprint on our memory.

    Some good, some not so good.

    Some we choose to forget.

    Or block out completely.

    As spiritual beings having a human experience we encounter many challenges in order to learn and grow.

    Do you place a high value on hindsight?

    I often encounter foresight,

    a knowing of what is to come, based on my learnings, past experience (not always this lifetime) and a strong intuition I have learned the hard way not to ignore.

    Every single challenge I have faced is an important part of my story, a piece in the puzzle that is who I am.

    Every person I met, every place I visited, introduced me to interesting cultures, different values and new responsibilities.

    Every song I sang, every picture I drew, reminded me how to be free, how to let go of things beyond my control.

    Every tantrum I threw, every tear I cried, showed me I was still hurting, and through recognition and healing - what once triggered anxiety, anger and pain, is now easier to control.

    Through finding the missing pieces,

    I can finally see the whole, complete picture.

    And I like it



    I’m a mother, a wife. A sister, a daughter

    I’m an intuitive light worker, a healer - Mind, Body and Soul

    I’ve spent my life on an adventure, following the path of “what feels good” and running from pain.

    I’ve reduced my life to a suitcase of belongings FIVE times and manifested everything I needed back into existence.

    My heart is split between two worlds and I have spent the vast majority of my adult life jumping between the two.

    As I navigated my way through the crazy beautiful world as a human being, I have learned so much about people, and how past experiences may affect who they are today - but doesn’t define who they might become…

    I have been working on my own personal healing. While the world fell apart, I revisited memories of people and places that caused me pain. Revealing themselves as visions like photographs in my head.

    It wasn’t a shock, this has been my experience since childhood, being guided or rescued by words, thoughts and occasionally people that other’s couldn’t see.

    The universe provided me with the tools I needed to pull the images out of my head and literally paint pictures.

    As the painful memories were removed from my eternal memory, so many happy experiences bounced back into the foreground

    My first deck, Piece of Mind, is a visual evolution of my personal healing process, something that will continue to build I have no doubt

    If my thoughts, words, and memories can help people, I am delighted to share my journey of manifestation


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